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How to use customer sales data before a sales call
How to use customer sales data before a sales call

Using Numerik to find important information about your customer.

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Numerik can provide valuable information about your customers that can help to guide your conversation in the right direction, and can be accessed remotely with a couple of quick taps on your mobile phone!

STEP 1: As always you can tap on the N logo in the top corner to be taken to the menu, where you can navigate to the Search icon. Here you can type in the name of the customer and click on their name to be taken through to the customer notes section. Any notes you have previously recorded as well as your latest forecast figures will appear here.

STEP 2: Now that you are in the notes section you will also see you can access the customers latest sales data and access their scorecard showing their performance for the current period.

STEP 3: Review their recent sales and invoices to see what they've purchased most recently. Click the Sales button which will bring up a list of their most recent invoices/sales orders. You can click on the dollar amount to bring up invoice information as per below:

STEP 4: Click the Track button to be taken to the customer leaderboard which will show you the customers sales by product group for the designated time period. You can change the target period (month, quarter or annual) by clicking on the drop down at the top of the screen.

STEP 5: You can drill down further into individual products by clicking on a product group and selecting a product to view. At a glance you will be able to see the products which have performed well or poorly compared to the corresponding period last year by clicking on the watermark on any row:

With these simple steps you're able to see the latest information about your customer including viewing their sales & invoices, notes and forecasts that you've previously entered and reviewing their spend on products & product groups this period to find opportunities to discuss with a customer their purchases. Armed with this information you can now confidently call the customer and drive the conversation in the right way!

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