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How to view incentive/commissions on the Numerik Mobile App
How to view incentive/commissions on the Numerik Mobile App

A step by step guide

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Incentives are a great way to drive sales growth as it helps to motivate our Sales people to succeed. Being able to visualize this incentive is important, particularly when you can adjust your forecasts and see the reward you will receive for this is extremely powerful. This is where Numerik can help to drive the performance of Sales teams.

To see your incentives/commissions in action, please follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Make sure your commission view is toggled on in the menu.

STEP 2: In the menu, head to Scorecards and ensure you are on the expanded view which shows the target graph as per below.

STEP 3: Where applicable you will see a small trophy with a $ sign indicating a commission/incentive is available for this target. Generally these will be based on your monthly targets however depending on your business, quarterly or annual incentives may also apply. To see a breakdown of the commission/incentive you can click on the trophy.

Understanding Commissions

When viewing your commission you may note various levels listed. This is where your business can create hybrid or tiered incentives for Sales people based on hitting either GP$, GP% or revenue targets. This can be scaled so that the higher the target & result, the greater the incentive for the Sales person is.

You may note from your commission that some commission levels have a $0 value listed against them, this is either because the threshold has not been met to receive a commission OR a different commission level has superseded this value.


Please note that commission/incentives are indicative only and have been calculated based on the information provided to Numerik from your business. If you believe the value is incorrect or an incentive is missing please contact your management team.

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