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What's the paceline?
What's the paceline?

Explaining paceline delta and what it means for you

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You might have noticed the paceline figure on each of your target cards in Numerik which will either be represented as a positive or a negative figure such as the two examples below. It is represented both in % and as a dollar value also.

In the expanded view (with the graphs below) you'll see the dotted line is the target amount, and the bold solid line is the revenue so far for the target period.

What is the paceline and why am I ahead or behind it?

The paceline is a calculation of your performance against your target for the current period. Your target is broken down into a daily amount with seasonality included, and the paceline works out where your revenue figure should be if you are on track to hit 100% of your target amount.

For any cricket fans out there, this is like the "worm" you see with the run rate required to chase down an opponent's score! How many fours and sixes do you need to hit to get your paceline above the required rate??

Let's take a look at an example:

My sales target for 2022 is $200,000. Today's the 31st March (roughly 1/4 of the way through the year) and my revenue so far is $75,000.

If I'm on track to hit my $200K target I would need to have sold 1/4 of this, $50,000.

My paceline delta figure would be +$25K and +50% because I'm performing 50% better than I need to be if I'm going to hit 100%.

Don't let this stop you.. why not aim for 150% of your target!!

Why am I not seeing revenue figures in my paceline?

This might be because your target has been set up on another metric, such as gross profit or quantity! These can also be targets and will therefore give you an indication of how you're performing so far, or how far behind/ahead of the pace you are.

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