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How to Navigate Scorecards & Customer List on Numerik Landing Page (in App)
How to Navigate Scorecards & Customer List on Numerik Landing Page (in App)

How to use the new landing page and Customer List feature.

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Welcome to our new Landing page! This new page allows you to easily jump between the most used features on Numerik. We've narrowed it down to the top 4 most used features; Posts, Scorecards, Revenue Streams, and our newest feature: Customers.

*This view is currently only available on mobile.*

Selecting Customers takes you to our new Customer List feature! This new addition allows users to easily see all customers in one spot. You can search for a specific customer and see how they are tracking compared to last year, check on their goalcards(contact us for more information), see their posts, and add/view contact info. Each tab takes you to a new page: (please see images below)


GOALCARDS(Contact us if interested)

You can also navigate to any post, goalcard, or contact info made against a customer from this new Customer List page. You can simply click on the customer you'd like to know more about, which will take you to their summary page.

Step 1: Click on a customer you'd like to find out more about.

Step 2: Explore the tabs available on the top of the page(Goalcards, Posts, and Customer Info(Coming Soon)).

Goalcards(contact us for more information)



Notice some contact details needing an update? Click the edit button to add the correct information so you can stay up-to-date with the customer's contact details.

  1. Click the Edit button (underlined in red):

2. Fill out the company details:

3. Make sure to click Save when finished.

Don't forget! You can also access Goalcards and Customers via the sidebar menu.

We hope you find this new feature helpful! For any comments or concerns please email!

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